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Product No: MX220

Product Name: Small CNC Mill Machine

  • Buy best in Hobby CNC Machine at affordable prices. These Mini Milling Machines are great for hobby and prototyping use.
  • Mini CNC mill is perfect for schools, small job shops, or as a second machine.
  • High performance 5 axis milling CNC controller.
  • The standard spec includes MPG hand wheel.
  • High-precision linear guide
  • Selection of high -quality casting materials,more compact.
  • Semi-automatic lubrication system,protect the rail life.

The brand new MX220 is a powerful mini CNc machine, affordable, and easy-to-use,easy to operate, very stable, and requires very little maintenance.Using a single-phase power,without the need for expensive industrial three-phase power. Highperformance 5 axis miling CNc controlle,support rotation tool center point (RTCp),support multi language interface display,thestandard spec includes MpG hand wheel. Selection of high -quality casting materials,High-precision inear guide and ballscrews,standard is 3 axis CNc miling machine, optional 4th axis or 5th axis(adopt harmonic reducer), with totally enclosed high visibilityinterlocking guard. The MX220 has a more powerful, higher speed spindle (24000rpm) for heavy duty cutting or router cutting. Nowavailable with the option of flood coolant with industrial cabinet base and and automatic aligning instrument. Programmable spindlespeeds and feedrates make the Mx220 ideal for cutting a range ofresistant materials such as wax, plastic, acrylic, free cutting alloysaluminium and steel. suitable for all levels of education and training or DlY workshop.

Small 5th axis CNC Machine
Small 5th CNC Mill
MX220 5 Axis Mill

Optional 5th Axis

The production of complicated parts can be challenging,especially when precision, small tolerances and repeatability are important, a 5th axis allows machinists to fabricate up to 5 faces in a single operation. This makes the process highly efficient and precise. It also makes it suitable for creating complex structures and features with minimal setups.

MX220 4 Axis Mill

Optional 4th Axis

4-axis CNC machining combines a rotational A to the three linear axes –X, Y, and Z. As a result, 4-axis CNC machining is ideal for machining parts at different angles with features like groves, undercuts, and curves.In contrast to index 4-axis CNC machining, continuous mode enables removing material with a spindle while a workpiece is being rotated about the 4th axis.

MX220 4 Axis Mill

Machine tool body

Machine tool bod selection of high-quality casting materials,high-precision linear guide and ballscrews,semi-automatic lubricSation system,protect the rail life,Experience the pinnacle of precision, reliability, and longevity with our Small CNC Machine, featuring a high- quality casting materials for unwavering rigidity, high-precision linear guides and ball screws for unmatched precision, and a multi-line semi-automatic lubrication system for extended machine lifespan.

MX220 4 Axis Mill

Efficient Cooling and Filtration

Our large-capacity circulation cooling water tank, equipped with a filtration system, effectively dissipates heat and removes impurities, ensuring optimal performance and extending the lifespan of your tools and spindle. With manual and automatic control options, our system adapts to your specific needs.

Technical parameters

Positioning accuracy


Repeatability accuracy


X axis travel


Y axis travel


Z axis travel


Options 5th axis


Zero Backlash

Max Speed 4th axis


Max Speed 5th axis


Accuracy 4th axis

±1 arc-min

Accuracy 5th axis

±1 arc-min

Repeatability 4th axis

20 arc-sec

Repeatability 5th axis

20 arc-sec


B axis


+C, -C


B axis:+30° to -125°, C axis: ±infinity

B axis Output Flange Diameter


Tool DIA. range


Control system

KY1000MC CNC Controller

Motor Type

Stepper Motor

MPG hand wheel

5 axis

Spindle motor


Spindle speed


The max moving speed


The max feeding speed



ball screw

guide rail

High-precision linear guide

Table size


Max. load


Table structure

Full cast iron


220VAC / 110VAC



Overall dimension


Packing size


5 Axis Machining

3 Axis Machining

4 Axis Machining

5 Axis Machining

5 Axis Machining

3 Axis Machining

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