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Product No: VMC200

Product Name: Small CNC Machine Center

  • High performance 3 axis milling CNC controller.
  • Using ARM high performance CPU and ultra large scale programmable devices FPGA, real time multi task control and hardware interpolation technology, to realize the high efficiency of μm-level precision processing.
  • The standard spec includes MPG hand wheel.
  • High-precision linear guide s
  • Selection of high-quality casting materials,more compact.
  • Semi-automatic lubrication system,protect the rail life.
  • High quality 3 axis step motor,high torque brushless motor.
  • 5 tools ATC.
  • Frequency conversion water cooling motor, low noise, high speed and good durability

The VMC200 is a 3 axis small CNC machine center,available either floor standing or for bench mounting, with high performance 3 axis milling CNC controller,support multi language interface display,the standard spec includes MPG hand wheel.Selection of high -quality casting materials,High-precision linear guide and ballscrews,semi-automatic lubrication system,protect the rail life.5 tools automatic tool change system(ATC),ISO20 spindle type, frequency conversion water cooling spindle motor, low noise, 24000rpm spindle supreme speed.Standard spec XYZ axis is stepper motor ,option AC servo motor.with the option of flood coolant with industrial cabinet base and and automatic aligning instrument.Ideal for cutting a range of resistant materials such as wax, plastic, acrylic, free cutting alloys,aluminium and steel. Recommended software programs( MasterCAM、UG、Fusion360, SolidWorks).Suitable for technology development, advertising design, art, ocational technical college Education & Training CNC and DIY enthusiasts.

Small CNC Machine Center
VMC200 Small CNC Machine Center

Machine tool body

Machine tool bod selection of high-quality casting materials,high-precision linear guide and ballscrews,semi-automatic lubrication system,protect the rail life,Experience the pinnacle of precision, reliability, and longevity with our Small CNC Machine, featuring a high- quality casting materials for unwavering rigidity, high-precision linear guides and ball screws for unmatched precision, and a multi-line semi-automatic lubrication system for extended machine lifespan.

VMC Small CNC Mill

Powerful and Versatile Spindle

Our high-performance spindle delivers exceptional power and versatility, catering to a wide range of machining needs. The variable-frequency drive allows for precise speed control, optimizing performance for specific materials and applications. With manual and automatic tool change capabilities, our control system adapts to your workflow, empowering you to achieve operational excellence.

Small CNC Machine Mill

Enhanced Safety and Precision

The robust 5-station self-locking rotary tool carousel safeguards against misoperation, while the protective dust cover ensures that machining accuracy remains uncompromised. Experience the pinnacle of precision with our water-cooled spindle, variable-frequency drive, and pneumatic tool change, ensuring consistent performance and unwavering accuracy.

Bentop CNC Mill

Precision Control at Your Fingertips

The 4-axis 3-level adjustable pulse electronic handwheel provides unparalleled precision control, allowing you to make fine adjustments with ease. Experience the pinnacle of control and achieve unmatched accuracy with our intuitive and user-friendly control system.

Desktop CNC Center

Unmatched Precision and Preview Capabilities

Our 8.4-inch color LCD screen provides a clear and intuitive interface, while the integrated handwheel trial cutting function allows you to verify the accuracy of your program and positioning before committing to the final machining process. With support for future feature upgrades, our control system ensures you stay ahead of the curve.

best small cnc desktop machines

Efficient Cooling and Filtration

Our large-capacity circulation cooling water tank, equipped with a filtration system, effectively dissipates heat and removes impurities, ensuring optimal performance and extending the lifespan of your tools and spindle. With manual and automatic control options, our system adapts to your specific needs.

Small CNC Machine Center
Small CNC Machine Center

Technical parameters

X axis travel


Y axis travel


Z axis travel


Spindle taper


Automatic tool change system(ATC)

5 Tools

Pneumatic supply

0.6 MPa

Tool DIA. range


Control system

KY1000MC CNC Controller

Spindle Power


Spindle speed


Motor Type

Step motor(Option AC servor motor)

The max moving speed 2000mm/min
The max feeding speed 1000mm/min
Positioning accuracy 0.02mm
Repeatability accuracy 0.01mm
Transmission ball screw
guide rail High-precision linear guide

Table size


Number of T-slots


Width of T-slot


Table structure

Full cast iron


230VAC / 110VAC



Overall dimension


Packing size


Small CNC Machine Center
Small CNC Machine Center