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Product No: XK300A

Product Name: Micro CNC Milling Machine

  • High performance 4 axis milling CNC controller.
  • The standard spec includes MPG hand wheel.
  • With sink and nozzles
  • High-precision linear guide,Selection of high -quality casting materials,more compact.
  • Automatic lubrication system,protect the rail life.
  • High quality 3 axis servo motor.
  • USB and RS232 port.
  • Pre-installed 4 axis fast interface.
  • Best choice for DIY or Hobby user and Education & Training CNC.



(1). Milling CNC machine tools based entirely on the design and manufacture, reflects the structural integrity of facilitate future design ideas
(2). High performance 4 axis cnc milling controller,KY1000MC CNC Controller ,Optional siemens 808D or GSK980MDc cnc controller.
(3). KY1000MC can control 5 feed axes(including C axis), 2 analog spindles, 1ms high-speed interpolation, 0.1μm control precision, which can obviously improve the machining efficiency, precision and surface quality.
(4). X, Z, Y, 4th, 5th ; axis name and axis type of Y, 4th, 5th can be defined,1ms interpolation period, control precision 1μm, 0.1μm,Max. speed 60m/min(up to 24m/min in 0.1μm),Adapting to the servo spindle to realize the spindle continuously positioning, rigid tapping, and the rigid thread machining,Built-in multi PLC programs, and the PLC program currently running can be selected Statement macro command programming, macro program call with parameter,Metric/inch programming, automatic toolsetting, automatic chamfer, tool life management function,Chinese, English display can be selected by parameters,USB interface, U disc file operation, system configuration and software.
(5). The standard spec includes MPG hand wheel.
(6). By MPG handwheel convenient electronic control of each axis of movement.
(7). High-precision linear guide,Selection of high -quality casting materials,more compact..
(8). A collection of double-nut ball screw, bearings and couplings with high precision positioning, while adding an automatic oil lubrication system, to protect your machine precision, extended service life.
(9). 220VAC or 110VAC single-phase AC power supply.
(10). Safety electrical components of high quality and fast plug.
(11). Pre-installed fourth axis fast interface.
(12). With sink and nozzles.
(13). Applicable industry: technology development, advertising design, art, ocational technical college Education & Training CNC and DIY enthusiasts.

Technical parameters
X axis travel 310mm
Y axis travel 180mm
Z axis travel 290mm
A axis Rotate 360°(optional)
Table size 550*180mm
Spindle taper BT30
Tool DIA. range 4-16mm
T slot (amount*width) 3*12mm
Positioning accuracy 0.02mm
Repeatability accuracy 0.01mm
Control system KY1000MC CNC Controller
MPG hand wheel 4 axis
Spindle motor 1.5KW(2.2KW optional)
Spindle speed 100-3500r/min(24000r/min optional)
The max moving speed 8000mm/min
The max feeding speed 4000mm/min
Power of X/Y/Z Servo motor 750W
Transmission ball screw
Max. load 40kg
Table structure Full cast iron
Guide rail High-precision linear guide
Power 230/120V
Weight(NW/GW) 500/550kg
Overall dimension 1360*990*1800mm
Packing size 1400*1050*2000mm
4 axis Milling
4 axis Milling
XK300A 3-axis Milling Machine
SMALL axis Milling Machine
4 axis Milling Machine
SMALL 4 axis  Machine
Micro CNC Milling Optional Accessories
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